Exhibition in Tokyo

7月 1, 2019 News

Exhibition in Tokyo

We took part in an exhibition which is held by Itochu shokuhin, which is one of the biggest food wholesaler in Japan on 11th June 2019.

We established brand new brand “TŌMIN ICHIBA “(means TŌMIN market) with Itochu shokuhin. All the products of TŌMIN ICHIBA are frozen with TŌMIN.

The person in charge of this brand in Itochu shokuhin said “We named the brand with a concept of local markets where you can get fresh and tasty foods.”

Technican will support the users of TŌMIN, with the marketing support such as TŌMIN ICHIBA.

Sashimi (yellow tail)
You’ll be amazed at its texture and fresh flavor.
This one looks like California Rolls?
This is called Maki-zushi. (Rolled sushi)
TOMIN can freeze without ruining rice’s moist texture.
This product is really amazing.
We can freeze oyster with and without shells.