Fish and meat

Freezing fish and meats

TOMIN was originally invented to freeze meats by our CEO, Y. Yamada. That’s because TOMIN can freeze meats very well. Most people cannot tell the difference between raw ones and frozen ones.

For fish, TOMIN works very well, too. Thanks to TOMIN’s super high speed freezing, you can prevent drip.

Comparison with beef

Comparison with chicken

Comparison with fish

Comparison with crab

Slicing meats

In Japan, we have a technique called “tempering”, which means freezing the surface of meats. Due to harden the surface, tempering enables to improve yield when slicing. It’s very popular method among Japanese companies.

Compare to air-blasting, tempering with TOMIN saves freezing time and improve yield. With air-blasting, it takes several hours. But TOMIN takes only 10 mins or so. For yield, TOMIN improves 2-5 %. (It differs from company to company.)

We have a lot of know-how in processing meat. Please feel free to contact us.