Frozen Fruits

Frozen Fruits

Ginza-Sembikiya, one of the most successful high-class fruits retail companies in Japan sells “frozen fruits”.  

Japanese TV program, “The Dawn of Gaia(ガイアの夜明け)” interviewed and broadcasted about this product.

In the TV show, Ginza-Sembikiya tried to produce “Frozen Fruits”. Then, TOMIN was introduced as an ideal freezer.

However, in the first place, fruits and vegetables have digestive enzyme, they can’t be restored after thawing.

How TOMIN works?

When foods, including fruits get frozen, moisture inside the cells get crystallized. Thanks to TOMIN’s super-rapid freezing, ice crystals remain very tiny in the fruits’ cells. Then, the texture become very much smoother than air-blasting. You may realize, this product is aimed to be eaten in frozen state, make the most of TOMIN’s features.

* The pictures above are referred to Ginza-Sembikiya. (Lang.=Japanese)

You’ll find how TOMIN freezes products with the picture below.

TOMIN doesn’t break the cell membranes.

How we use Frozen Fruits?

Technican runs restaurant that is focused on fruits. You can imagine how to utilize frozen fruits. Go to website (LANG:JPN)

With TOMIN, you’ll boost your business than ever!!

You can download TOMIN’s catalog in this page.