Who we are?

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We are “liquid” freezer manufacturer in Yokohama, Japan, established in 1989. Our liquid freezer makes high quality frozen foods with “liquid power”.  If you are not familiar with liquid freezer, please keep reading!

What is Liquid freezer?

Conventional freezers freeze foods with cold air, so called “air-blasting”. Because air-blasting is reasonable and convenient, it has been used all over the world. However, it can’t make good frozen foods. Air is a substance that has low thermal conductivity. When freezing, water inside the foods crystallizes and get bigger, especially under the slow freezing. The grown-up ice crystals harm foods. Because of this, frozen foods are said to be “low added-value” or “cheap”.

On the other hand, our liquid freezer “TOMIN” uses liquid ethanol instead of the air. Thanks to liquid’s high thermal conductivity, TOMIN freezes approx. 20 times faster than ordinary air-blasting. TOMIN also freezes approx. 8 times faster than nitrogen gas freezing at -100℃. Due to super high speed freezing, the ice crystals remain small and doesn’t harm foods. Thanks to this, foods can still be in as good quality as before freezing. It enables food manufacturers to produce upper-class frozen foods.

Freezing experiment with jelly