Thawing methods

Basically, any defrosting methods are OK with TOMIN, but there’re some tips.

Thawing at room temp.

Thawing speed is faster than doing in the fridge. But temperature can be too hot depends on the season. Please be careful with room temperature.

Thawing with running water

It’s faster to thaw compare to thaw in the freezer. Products with slow freezing can easily leak drip from foods. You’d better be careful with temperature of water and time.

Thawing with refrigerator

This thawing method takes time the most. But with this method, even slow-frozen products can minimize drip. This method is good for the products that is difficult to store.

Thawing with ice water

Actually ,this method thaws faster than thawing in the fridge. Considering the quality of the products, this is the best way as thawing method.

Thawing with warm water

This is the fastest thawing method,but you need to be careful when you do it. If you forget thawing the products which is for eating in raw state like sashimi, it will cause crucial damage to the products. If you want to thaw quickly, you can thaw just the surface of the products with warm water, then thaw the rest part in the fridge. With this method, you can faster thawing speed and secure the quality.

Thawing with microwave

As long as you use it as home-use, that will be fine. But it’s difficult to thaw evenly with microwave, we don’t recommend.

Tips for thawing methods

Thawing slow-frozen products

With ordinary air blasting, cell membranes get broken. Then drip leaks from the products. In this case, as above, thawing in the fridge would be good. If you rush to thaw, it can cause drip.

Thawing rapid-frozen products

Compare to slow-freezen products, ice-crystals in the cells are tiny. Then minimizes the drip even thawing with running water. However, there’re variety quality of rapid freezer, some machines are not enough to apply to this case.

Meats and Fish

Products that contain less fatty can leak drip easily. You’d better thaw these types of products with ice water or fridge. But fatty part can be ruined with warmth. You should not leave them for a long time in cease of thawing with running water and at room temperature.

Thawing Tuna

For tuna, many of them are deep frozen. It is common to defrost only the surface of tuna, then store in the fridge.

Thawing packed products

Please do not remove the pack. Without package, moisture in the air adhere to the products. It may ruin the products.

Thawing rice

Slow-frozen rice basically need to be warmed up. Otherwise texture gets dry. But with our rapid freezer, you can thaw at room temperature.


You may have heard that thawing in the fridge is good for keeping the quality. Yes, you’re right. Slow-frozen products’ cell membranes are destroyed, that’s because thawing in the fridge is good.

On the other hand, for rapid-frozen products, you can thaw them with running water or ice water. Especially, for meats and fish, it’s better than thawing in the fridge. Please make sure to thaw products with packs.

The thawing methods can be different from how you freeze the products, and how you use them after thawing. It’s important to think about which method suits your production line.

There’re some methods as above. But basically, TOMIN-products can adjust any thawing methods. If the first frozen is good, you can choose from various thawing methods.