TL-2 installation in Indonesia

4月 15, 2019 News

TL-2 installation in Indonesia

We went to Tangerang, Indonesia. Our client, RT Foodservice purchased two TL-2. We visited the company to carry out the construction.


Thanks to RT Foodservise’s well-known, experienced engineers, we could get construction done smoothly.

Meeting with RT foodservice’s engineer.
Usually, TOMIN uses R404A refregerant. But this time, ammonia.
Installing pressure switches on TOMIN.
Short movie of construction

Freezing Test

We tested with their products, meat balls, fishcake, noodles, and fruits.

Freezing meat balls.

Frozen fishcake. To freeze them with air-blasting, it takes all night.
But TOMIN takes only 1 hours.

We also tried noodles.

Fruits are basically irreproducible after freezing, because of enzyme.
But, we can eat as “frozen fruits“, which are very nice, because the texture is so smooth.

After the test, they ate the frozen samples. They are amazed by the quality of the products.


RT Food service runs restaurant and processes food products. The company boasts various kinds of products such as meat ball, fish cake, fruits and so forth. Mr. Andrew Nugroho, director of the company says “Firstly, I’d like to try freezing our basic products(fish cake and meatball) . Then, we’ll try more higher added-value products, such as fruits.”

Indonesia is famous for tropical fruits such as mango, avocado. He said he wants to try fruits from now on.


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