Features of TOMIN

Features of TOMIN

You just immerse packed-foods in the ethanol at -30℃. Liquid has much higher thermal conductivity, compare to air. TOMIN applies this principle for freezing. TOMIN needs much less freezing time, and prevents uneven freezing. This is how TOMIN produces high quality frozen foods.

How fast is TOMIN’s freezing?

One of the major features is its fastness in freezing, compare with air-blasting. There’s temperature zone that convert moisture into ice crystals. This temperature zone effects quality of frozen foods. The more it takes time to pass the zone, the more ice-crystals get bigger. Then, break the membrane, and ruin the foods.

TOMIN’s freezing speed overwhelms ordinary rapid freezer. TOMIN enables you to store foods extremely fresh, due to the very tiny ice crystals that TOMIN makes.

Comparison of freezing time


This data shows freezing examination of 200g of Chuka-don (Chinese style donburi)’s ingredients. Compare to ordinary rapid freezer, liquid-freezer can greatly shorten freezing time. The rapid freezer above freezes much faster than normal freezer, however, liquid-freezer TOMIN surpasses both of them. For example, let’s think about bath and sauna.

In Japan, we take a bath at 40℃(104℉), for sauna, it’s over 80℃(176℉). We can take sauna at 80℃, but can’t take a bath at 80℃. If we do so, we’ll get burned. If both air and liquid are at same temperature, thermal conductivity is completely different. This is the secret of TOMIN. How fast is TOMIN’s freezing? Rapid freezer, as its name suggests, freeze foods rapidly.

Advantages of TOMIN

Super-rapid Freezing

It freezes 20x faster than air-blasting, 8x faster than nitrogen gas at-100℃.

Keep the freshness

Thanks to its rapid freezing, TOMIN prevents drip.

Space saving

The space required for a “TOMIN“ unit is 1/6 or less than a conventional freezer.

Improve working environment

“TOMIN“ reduces the strain on workers by eliminating the need to work in a refrigerated environment

Simple operation

It’s very easy to use. Less buttons, less maintainance.

Longer shelf life

Powerful & versatile freezing extends the shelf life of food and makes it possible for long-term storage, and better stock management.