Freezing Vegetables

Freezing Vegetables

Some clients ask us “Can we store vegetables in the frozen state?” This is a very good question for us.

In this page, we’ll tell you two pre-treatments to freeze vegetables much better.

Fist of all, vegetables and fruits have digestive enzymes. When these foods are being thawed, the enzymes works and the foods get watery. But if you try the pre-treatmets below, you’ll be able to store them annually.

It is very simple, but effective. For example, puree is very good for storing.

It is also effective. Blanching means heating the products in the boiled water for a short period, then cool them down by soaking in the cold water or cool air. With blanching, the enzymes inactivate.

Cook the frozen vegetables before thawing

Enzyme is weak against heat. So, cook them in the state of partially-frozen.Then you can minimize the effect of enzyme.

TOMIN makes the products a supreme quality

Thanks to hyper-rapid freezing, separation among moisture, oil, salt and other ingredients in the foods is much less than air-blasting. This makes products tasty.